Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yesterday turned out to be a day of walking!! The girls and I headed up to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for the morning. We arrived when the park opened at 9 am and made the first tram, before it got too crowded. The girls didn't seem to care for the 15 minute tram ride, all I heard is "when is it going to be over?". I had forgotten how hilly the park it, but the girls didn't have a problem keeping up. DD#1 favorite part was parrots walking to her and DD#2 favorite part was seeing the baby elephants, 3 to be exact.

After the 20 minute nap in the truck on the way home, the girls were ready to go. I wish I could have had a nap! We ran a few errands, including another trip to the library to get more movies and a coffee shop stop for me.

That evening Papa came over to watch the girls, while I went to my aunt's 50th birthday party. What a great party! I was to happy to see my 2nd cousin (in think that is the relationship, my mom's cousin) I had not seen her and her husband in 20+ years. I love my family!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. We were going to head to the Zoo again or my godparents house, however due to the PF Chang's Marathon, many of the road are closed down. I am staying clear of that area.

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