Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Night Potluck

Monday night we had to bring something to the potluck that started with the letter "L". So, we brought Linguine and Lemon pudding. The girls also brought their flamingo's they had found, so they could receive their reward.

The reward was a free soda from the general store. They were to excited.

A game of dart and balloon was played with a chance to win a flamingo cup filled with candy, however we were not winners that night.

Unfortunately, we will not be at the next potluck, as we will be moving onto our next adventures.


Tuesday, was a trip to the San Diego County Fair. The girls got in FREE. I like that word. My Aunt went with the girls and I, and we had a lot of fun. The girls went on a few rids, got to see cows, pigs, sheep and goats. They were able to enter a corn husking contest and watch a worm race (that was exciting). The best past was we were able to take a ride on a fire engine monster truck. DD#2 kept saying, "That was AWESOME!!".

Visit to My In-Law's

The girls and I left on Friday to drive up to Orange, CA. We went to visit my Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, niece and nephew and stayed the weekend. My in-laws were invite a party down the street at a neighbors house, which included a bounce house and pizza. All the kids enjoyed the entertainment and the adults enjoyed the conversations.

Saturday, my sil make amazing mickey mouse pancakes for the kids. My niece had a gymnastics class and we just hung out, at the house. Then it was off to the splash pad for some sun and fun. My bil picked up McDonald's for lunch for a great picnic lunch at the park.

Then, home for naps and mandatory quiet time. After naps straight to the pool for some more sun and fun.

Sunday, all the kids played together and we tried to get pictures of all four kids together. My mother-in-law requested an up close casual picture of all the kids. So, all weekend we had been trying to pose the kids and get them to smile. My sil is great behind the camera, but getting the kids to participate....she downloaded the pictures from the camera with 248 pictures, I thinks we got 2 good ones. We will let MOM be the judge.

Uncle, Aunt and Cousin Visit

Reading to Linus

The local library had a great program where children ages 5 to 12 could read to a therapy dog. DD#1 read her Hello Kitty book to Linus, a Golden Retriever/Lab. She was to excited to show off her skills.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching up

Sunday morning we took Cousin to Balboa Park for a wonderful walk through the park. We took the free trolley around the park, which had amazing information giving by the driver, so Cousin could fill her memory banks.

After Balboa Park, it was off to a Father's Day lunch for my Grandpa, aka Great-Grandpa to my kids and my dad and of course the rest of the family. There were 13 people in total. I love when the family gets together!!

Sunday ended with a swim for the girls and a good night sleep for all.

Monday we had to take Cousin to the train station in the morning. :( The girls and I had an amazing visit and wished it could have been longer!!! I am sure she wishes it could have been also.

After the train station, he headed to the zoo with my aunt. We spend most of the day enjoying the animals. It is always fun to see animals we miss.

Monday night I had enjoyed a night out with a girlfriend, while my dad was able to watch the grandkids. It just so happened to be the camp potluck, "Breakfast for Dinner". So, I made sausage and cut up watermelon, for the girls and papa to bring. There were games and lots of entertainment. My girls were the only kids among the older, more wiser group of people, so they were a hit. At the end of the potluck the clubhouse host said she would be hiding 12 specially labelled pink plastic flamingos in the RV park area. They were be brought back to the next potluck on Monday, for a special prize.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to San Diego County Fair aka Del Mar Fair, kids get in free, however, my aunt was to go with us, but needed to help my grandparents with doctor appointments. So, the plan is to go next week.

In place of going to the fair, we rode our bikes all around the RV park for about 45 minutes looking for flamingos and look what we found.....

The rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday we didn't leave the RV. We walked to the playgrounds and used the swimming pool.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011