Friday, June 18, 2010

Our neighbors next door are a neat family from Huntington Beach, CA. They have 3 boys ranging from 14 to 3 and all are homeschooled. I think the prerequisite for staying in that spot is you must homeschooled. We have been hanging out with their family quite a bit.

Yesterday the two older boys and their father went deep sea fishing, while the youngest and mom hung out at the campsite. Since DD#2 and I were also hanging out at the campsite, we did crafts and played with there youngest son. Later that evening when dad and the boys got home with a ton (well not really a ton) of fresh fillets of Yellowtail fish, dad did an amazing job on BBQ! They brought over some of the best fish I have ever eaten!!

Finally to finish off the night, the youngest son brought over "The princess and the frog" DVD to share with my girls. The kids sat and watched the movie late into the night.

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