Friday, August 8, 2008

Creature in the Attic

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the master bathroom and I heard a noise. I thought maybe it was the air conditioner blowing a piece of paper or something. As I started to investigate, it was coming from the attic. There is an entrance in our master closet to the attic.

I was going in!!! I grabbed a kitchen chair and started to push open the door to the attic, then I saw legs coming down between the small cracks. I FREAKED OUT!!!

I immediately called my pest control guy and told him about the noise, what I saw and asked when he could come out to take care of the situation!!! He said tomorrow morning is the earliest he could come. He also mentions he thought it could be a rodent, not in insect. I reassured him I saw insect legs or antennas.

After talking to a few people that day about my experience, they concluded it could be cockroaches, as in a couple hundred cockroaches and that is what I was hearing. So, I in turned closed the closet door and put a towel under the door, in an attempt to keep whatever it was in the closet at least for the night.

The next morning, the pest control guys arrived, with ladder in tow. My husband showed him the area and he went in. Again telling my husband he thought it was probably a rodent. He pushed open the door and popped his head up into the attic and starting looking around. He told my husband he didn't see anything....until "THE INSECT" appeared. He jumped down. WOW, he had never seen one so big. So to end the story he put a sticky pad to catch it and bombed the attic.

In a few day after the bombing, I sent my husband up to get the remains. Below is a picture of our friend. Totally gross!!!

Northern California Bound

The girls and I will be leaving for Sacramento today. We will be there for 3 weeks, then to San Diego. Only to return to Phoenix to follow dear husband out to London, UK for a week. The girls will be with the grandparents.

So, I will not have much access to the Internet for any postings. But when I return I will have lots of pictures of our adventures.

YEAH this is my 100th post!!!!!