Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tator Tot Cooking

Dear daughter #1 is taking a cooking class through Parks and Rec. Week #1 consisted of making 2 cupcakes and a the teacher read book called Pinkalicious. It was about a litte girl who ate too many pink cupcakes and turned pink. It was a very cute book!!

Stay tuned for what the next 3 weeks will bring.

All about covering

I am into covering anything and everything. Here are a few of my latest objects. One is a paint can and the other a peanut can.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Half Marathon

Wake up time: 3:30 am
Meeting time: 4:00 am
Breakfast with Kim: 4:30 am
Parking and waiting for bus: 6:00 am
Arrive downtown: 6:30 am
Half marathon start time: 8:30 am
Our corral arriving at the starting place: 9:30 am
(Yes, it took an hour to move from corral 26 to the start)
Finish time: 1:00 pm (3 hours and 26 minutes)
Nap time: 30 minutes
Bedtime: 6:00 pm

We had a great time. We had our IPOD's with our own motivational music playing and lots of time to people watch. Overall, we were not sore, my girlfriend has a huge blister, but that is all. Onto the next half marathon in February, maybe.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pre-Half Marathon

When: Sunday, January 13th
Start time: 8:30 am
Start time temperture: 45 degrees
Where: Downtown Phoenix to ASU
Estimated participate both half and full: 30,000 people
Estimated time to complete: Less than 4 hours
Able to move after: Questionable
Goal for next year: Run the half marathon

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dress up

Sliding on a sunny day

Snow Day

Snow day with dad, in Payson, AZ. This was the girls first experience with snow. As you can see some enjoyed it more than others.

Angel Alert

The oldest and I went to her first Christmas play. It was playing at a local church, with her best friend staring in it. The play lasted about 45 minutes and she sat for most of it. She really liked all the singing and acting. The youngest wanted to go, but is was way past her bedtime.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year Goals

1. Entertain more at my house
2. Random acts of kindness to people
3. Read more books (meaning more than the one I read all last year)
4. Lose the last 10 pounds, that are lingering
5. Send everyday cards to friends and family
6. Wear perfume
7. Make 3 new friends
8. Have a happy heart