Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Visiting Baby Nate

I was took a trip to North Carolina by myself to visit my best friend and her new baby. I was there 5 days and I got to enjoy a new born, well 6 week old. He is such a low key baby, compared to my first born. Eat, sleep and poop were the main items on the schedule everyday. He is not a screamer or crying, however, he does make alot of other noices. He grunts, growns, burps and farts very load.

My best friend is a great mom!! Check out her blog to read the journey of baby Nate.

I am a very proad Auntie!!

I love my bouncy seat!

Every baby needs Pat the Bunny book!!

My contribution to baby's room

Bath time


This year Easter was hosted by my in-laws. My brother and sister-in-law traveled from Southern California for a fun celebration.

It was the perfect setting for an Easter egg hunt. I filled 88 plastic eggs with one jelly bean and it was my sister and brother-in-laws job to hide them throughout the backyard. There were two eggs hidden with $1 inside, of course DD#1 found both of them. I believe all the eggs were found.

As we glanced out to the lake we notice what we thought were eggs floating in the water. Off went to collect them. However, once we retrieved them it was a purple soggy peep and a bright pink bouganvilla flower. Bummer, but is was a fun adventure.

Great Easter with family.

Baking time

The other day, dad was in the garage cleaning up and DD#1 was asking how to spell different words. So, dad spelled all the words out as she had asked.

I was in the back yard doing some gardening, to come inside to find DD#1 had gotten all her ingreditents to bake a cake according to a 5 year old. It was quite a sight.

I managed to talk her into making a box cake mix, which was much easier. She still had fun mixing.

Little ride...

Little bike ride for the girl's on a friend motocycle. The girls were smiling from ear to ear.

300th Post

Wow, has it been that many already??? Boy, time flies when you are having fun!!!