Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After we left Mt Shasta, we headed to our overnight stay in Salem, OR. Coming from the desert, we are used to outdoor pools only, I was pleasently surprised to find indoor pool in Oregon. So, upon checking in the girls swam for an hour.

The next day was a short drive of only 5 hours, compared to the 8 hours the 2 prior days before. We arrived at my Uncle and Aunt's house on 4th of July.

Making our way North

After leaving San Diego, the girls and I drove from San Diego ultimatly to Marysville, WA. (Everett, WA area) Along the way we stopped to visit different people.

The first leg was San Diego to Sacramento, to stay with my cousin for a place to sleep. We got up early to head up to Mt. Shasta to visit my 2nd grade teacher and my friend's parents.

They have a beautiful home and property with wonderful views of mountains. Of course their garden was to die for, I could only dream of having one that size in AZ. The girls were picking and eating right away. We stayed for a great lunch and an amazing time to catch up on everything!

I cannot wait for our next time!!

DD#2 San Diego Birthday

We had a "small" party of 21 family members, before leaving San Diego, for DD#2 birthday. It was at a Oggi's Pizza, which was great because her favorite food is a cheese pizza. Happy birthday was sung to her in Chinese, Indian, Spanish and English, we had quite a cultural group gathered for her birthday!!

She had a blast!!

Old Town San Diego