Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trip with the Cousins

My cousin and her two children traveled from Seattle, WA to San Diego. They were visiting our grandparents, whom they had not seen in a while. I in turn drove over to visit also, with my two childen. So you do the math, 4 children, ages 3, 3, 1, and 1. We had our hands full.

We did some sightseeing:

1. Children Beach, La Jolla This is where the seals have taken over the beach area and are very close for viewing.

2. Crystal Pier for a walk above the ocean.

3. San Diego Zoo

4. San Diego Tea and Coffee House, in Old Town San Diego

5. Ricky's restaurant, our family favorite breakfast place!! Apple pancake or a Dutch Treat are a must have!!
6. Local park

Fun was had by all!!

Joining the Ranks

I am a proud owner of my first "Minivan". YEAH!!! It is a white 2007 Dodge Caravan, with stow and go storage, two automatic sliding doors and best of all Sirus Radio. I am an official "soccer mom".

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vegas trip to EnduroCross

Each year the guys and I go to Vegas for the EnduroCross. It is by far the best racing around on two wheels and has replaced our annual trip to Supercross. Since I just got a new motorcycle I hatched the great idea of Mike and I riding our bikes to the race.

We left before the sun came up and made good time to Vegas so we could watch the Fri afternoon practice. Coming home we had breakfast in Laughlin then toured historic Oatman which is famous for the donkeys that just roam the streets. After that we stopped in Lake Havasu at "London Bridge", which is a bridge that was bought in London and then re-assembled stone by stone here in AZ.

Now we were running late so we had to hurry back to Mesa so we skipped lunch and rode straight to Phoenix just in time to get stuck in a freeway closure and routed thru the city streets. All in all it was fun and I got home just after dark, tired and needing a vacation.

Winter is Finally Here, Maybe

I didn't realize that it took until December 1st, before the temperature would drop below 70 degrees. The trees just started to change colors, they aren't ready to loose their leaves yet. It has been raining for 2 whole days. The weather forecaster stated there could be an upwards of 2 inches of rain. I had to laugh, as of the first of the year to current, we have only gotten 2 inches of rain. They may actually to correct.

Now that it is cooler, I can get into the holiday season. Maybe next week I will go purchase the Christmas tree from Home Depot. Yes, Home Depot, AZ doesn't have tree farm; in which, we could cut down the tree ourselves. But if one would like to decorate a cactus, we are the place to be.

I am sure many of you are feeling so sorry for me because it is finally below 70 degrees, when you are buried under snow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm bringing sexy back

Happy 3rd Birthday

Wow our oldest is 3 years old. Where did the time go. The party was a big hit. The theme was kites. We had kite invites, kite decorations, kite crafts, kite activities and more kites. There were about 20 people and 3 little people.

Dinner was served with pulled pork, asian coleslaw, baked beans and rice & corn casserole. The food was to die for!! Thanks to everyone who attended making her birthday sensational. Even though she is 3 she remembers and talks about her "pardy".

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A buck fifty

I did it, I did it. I am under 150 pounds. I have been at 150 for a month and a half. I have been exercising and not eating so well, see that is my problem, the not eating so well. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and like McDonald's. I am only 6 pound from my goal weight. I am shooting for Christmas to be at my goal weight. Yes, I know perfect timing, the holidays. I figure no better time than the present.

As a part of my exercise plan, I am training for a 1/2 marathon in January. I am currently walking 4 miles 3x a week and a long walk on Saturdays of 6 miles. This will gradually increase and by the first of the year be up to 10 miles. I also plan on going to the gym 3 times a week for fun.

So, the way I see it I will be at my goal weight by Christmas. I will post pictures at my goal weight.

Monday, November 5, 2007

One-on-One Time

Who: Myself and the oldest child
Location: Payson, AZ
Drive time: One and half hours
Temperature: 70 degree
Terrain: Mountains
Things to do: Play at all the parks
Places to eat: Main Street Grill and Fargo's
Accommodations: Majestic Mountain Inn
Bed Time: When ever she fell asleep

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat were the words of the night, along with Thank You. We went to a local church for some bounce houses and candy. Afterwards, we hit some of the streets. The pumpkin bucket was filled twice over. More candy for mom and dad!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Harvest Party

The local community center had a harvest party. We played every game and pick out a our very own pumpkin. There were lots of fun costumes to look out.

Dog Training

Zeeta was SUPER STAR!!! Lucky for her it was her 3rd obedience training in the last 4 years. Most of the other dogs in the class were puppies. Next week she will begin Advance Beginners class. It is 6 weeks long and I am looking forward to her learning new things.

1st KTM Ride

Saturday, October 20th: After dropping both girls off at the grandparents house, we set out to Oracle, AZ. Our first task was to find breakfast. Which brought us to a Greek restaurant in Florence, AZ. Florence is mostly known for the prison. We each had omelettes, they could have been better, a bit burnt. Then, back on the bike to Triangle L Ranch Bed and Breakfast We arrived at noon and was greeted by the staff and shown our room. The owner stated she would not be able to serve breakfast, due to an art show on Sunday. That was fine with us, we are usually up too early and waiting around for breakfast anyway. We stayed in the Trowbridge Suite. The building was an adobe house built in the 1880's. We loved how room was so rustic. We were allowed to roam the property and view the different types of art that were displayed throughout. We spent a brief time exploring, before we realized our movie would be starting in 45 minutes. We got back on the bike and rode into Tucson, in time to catch the movie 3:10 to Yuma. It was the perfect movie, considering we were in the southwest! After the movie we went to Sauce for pizza and salad. Most of the enjoyment came from people watching. Once dinner was finished we walked next door for the best gelato I have ever eaten! Then we rode back in the dark to the inn. Early to bed, there was no TV to watch.

Sunday, October 21st: Up with the sun, to do more exploring of the property. We were greeted by one of the dogs, visited the chicken coop, with the unfriendly goose. The mule wanted lots of love, before being chased off by the 2 horses. We found the stone lined path with interesting art on display. After awhile we started getting hungary for breakfast and packed up for our ride home. The ride home took us through the town of Coolidge. As we drove through the small town we saw a large gathering of other bikes and we decided that was the perfect place to eat. (As you can see in the pictures, our bike is a bit different than most.) After a great breakfast and more people watching we headed back to the grandparents house for get the girls. Overall we rode 200 miles and would do it again next weekend. Of course my butt needs a little time to recover.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ocean Front Propery for Sale in Arizona

Let the counting begin. How long before the house sells? One month, two, three or six. I have no idea. The plan is to move back home, Sacramento!!! Until then, we sit and wait. I love waiting and change, it is my favorite.

Here are some pictures of our house.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV Schedule

Here's the plan. I am sure there will be more reality shows starting. As, most of you know that is my main source of entertainment, reality shows!!

Thank heaven for DVR!!

The Bachelor
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

The Biggest Loser
Dancing with the Stars

America's Next Top Model
Private Practice
Top Chef

Grey's Anatomy
Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Waiting patiently for:
Project Runway
Amazing Race

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1/2 Marathon

I have registered for and will participate in the P.F. Chang's Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon. I will be training and walking with a girlfriend.

My husband and I walked the same 1/2 marathon the first year they had it in Phoenix. We even joined a group to help us train and we could barely function afterwards.

So, wish me luck on this half-hearted training and completing the 1/2 marathon in 4 hours.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flagstaff, AZ

Labor day weekend, while my husband was in Colorado picking up his new bike, I decided to head to the mountains. I asked a girlfriend and her daughter to come along for the adventure. We booked one of the last hotel rooms available and started our 3 hour drive.

When we checked into the hotel, they asked if it matter what floor and location of our room. I said it didn't matter. They also asked if the kids liked trains, I said oh yes, they love trains. So, the hotel gave us a room with a view of the train.

Once we got settled into our room, off to McDonald's for a healthy meal. While sitting at McDonald's it started raining and raining and raining. We didn't mind, except the plan was to go to the park to play, that was out of the question. We inquired if the mall had an indoor play area, which it did. It is funny how we drove 3 hours, to go play at the mall. The kids enjoyed playing in the mall.

That night all 5 of us attempted to sleep. The kids slept fine, it was myself and my girlfriend that had the hardest time. Little did I know.....the trains runs every 30 minutes all day and all night. Did I mention the trains blows its horn every 30 minutes, day and night??? So, just as one would get into a good rem cycle, here comes the train blowing it's horn. My girlfriend and I no longer like trains!!!

Sunday morning off the the park, the girls needs some fresh air poisoning. We were there for about 2 hours, before heading back to the desert heat. The girls watched several movies and sang songs on our adventure home. Once we arrived home everyone took a long needed nap.

Flagstaff was definitely an adventure and I would do it again next weekend.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Toy...KTM 640

My husband has a new toy. This is his first "adventure bike". I will say is has been an adventure already. A friend of his pointed out the fact it was up for auction on ebay, with no reserve. So, let the adventure begin, he bid , not thinking he was going to win it, there were 35 others fighting for the same bike. Well, he did it, he won it.

He flew to Denver, CO, from there the owner of the bike drove from Boulder, CO to pick him up. Once in Boulder money was exchanged for his new bike. That night he set out for his ride home.

The plan was to ride for Golden around 1 hour; however his thoughts were for Buena Vista 3 hours away. The trip to Golden went smooth, until he made a right and headed into the mountains. That is when he hit the road construction and the bumper to bumper holiday traffic. It got dark and started raining. He made it about 2 hours and pulled over to a small dive “ma and pa hotel”. The old lady in her bath robe pulled out a metal box, which held the money and a calculator. Pa was also in his bathrobe and between watching wrestling; he would make comments about the weather. At least, it was a roof over his head.

The next day he was headed to Durango, CO. That is a 6 hour drive. Along the way he saw deer and antelope and they were playing together. I booked him the only room in Durango, due to the fact it was Labor Day weekend, a Harley rally and such short notice. He found a brewery and a $.50 trolley ride back to his hotel. There was a strange man outside the hotel playing bagpipes. That was quite entertaining.

The final 396 mile back to Phoenix, started with no breakfast, no clean clothes, but a full tank of gas. After a couple of hours, he stopped in Shiprock for an egg mcmuffin. Back on the bike, he trotted to Gallop, NM, for gas and lunch. From there he got on the interstate headed back to PHX, right at Holbrook and within an hour on the Rim. He made a few adjustments and repairs to his bike and down the mountain he began into the desert heat.

All in all it took 2 days and 840 miles.

The next question is; when will he talk me for my first trip. I don't know when, but I do know, it will end at a 5 star resort!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Girlfriend's Weekend

Girlfriend's weekended means no kids, no husbands, no schedules and get to do anything and everything when we want to.

Arrived: Friday, August 24, 2007
Location: Gainey Ranch Suites in a one bedroom suite. Started drinking: 4:00 pm, drink of choice margaritas
hors d'oeuvres: Salad and wine
Dinner: Thaifoon and people watching
First night movie: Knocked up

Second day:
Breakfast: buffet
Day at the spa: The spa I had a mud wrap and Kim had a hot stone massage. We spent a total of 3 hours, just relaxing.
Activity: Thift store shopping
Pool and Margaritas
hors d'oeuvres: Salad and wine
Dinner: Salad and sandwiches
Second night movie: Waitress

Third day:
Activity: Reading magazines and the morning paper
Breakfast: buffet
Check out: noon

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weighing in

This is the beginning of my second week losing weight. I have a goal by Christmas to be down to my goal weight. It should not be hard, but right now I am HUNGARY!!!! I want to eat everything in sight. I have cut out all sugar, including candy, cookies, brownies, all the good foods!! I am doing my version of the Weight Watcher plan. I am not currently writing down my points, just making good choices and cooking with WW recipes. We shall see what happens. I am still HUNGARY!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The same but different

I have a small addiction to A Muse stamps. Over the summer, I purchased a few new stamps. A few is being generous, a lot!! I have started to play around and made a dozen or so cards. All cards and stamps are A Muse products. Who knows you could be a recipient of one.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Vacation

The girls and I decided to take a break away from the desert heat. No better place to vacation... San Diego, CA!!! We were there a total of 5 weeks.

The first week we spent time with Great Grandparents, Grandpa and other family members.

The second week we vacation up the central valley of California. We visited friends and family in Lemoore, Stockton, Sacramento, and Madera. It was great reuniting with old friends and family. The girls had a blast going from place to place and meeting new people.

The third week was bittersweet. My grandma had an unfortunate fall, resulting in a broken hip. She had immediate surgery and had difficulty recovering. The same week was Emily's first birthday party. We had to celebrate without grandma.

Week four and five supporting grandma with her recovery when, at one point grandma stopped breathing and was put on life support. The family was informed and many family members flew in to be by her side. Grandma is quite a fighter, she was in ICU for only a couple of days and was transferred to another unit. We all took turns visiting Grandma and making sure Grandpa was doing OK. Grandma was released from the hospital and is currently in a rehab center. She is learning to walk and getting stronger everyday.

So, over all the summer was great. I was glad to be able to be there for my Grandparents and get away from the heat. I look forward to my summer vacation next year!!