Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping with Dad

It was dad's weekend with the girls and he decided to go camping. His destination was be Holbrook, AZ, along the border of AZ and NM. They would be staying at the KOA. Upon arrival, the campground was not taking any tent campers, due to the fact of a rattle snake sighting. The funny this is we live in the southwest, do they not think there are rattle snakes in the desert. Anyways, there were Kabins (KOA call them kabins, not cabins) available for rental. So for $43 they staying in a kabin with a queen size bed, bunkbeds and best of all air conditioner.

Before coming home they went sight seeing at the Meteor Crater. In the eyes of the girl's a big hole in the ground, dad found it quite interesting.

Mom stayed home for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Daughters like mother

Almost 100 posts...

Susan G. Koman, WA

My cousin, a friend and myself walked/ran the 5K race. The differences between the Phoenix and Seattle races is there were hills in Seattle!! I am use to FLAT courses. So, my cousin and I walked, while her friend ran it. I think our time was 39 minutes, give or take.

PS. I had to indulge in some pink cotton candy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

The baby just turned 2. The theme of the party was monkeys. There were 16 people at the party, including friends and family. The menu consisted of BBQ chicken and lots of different salads. Desserts included banana split cake and monkey cupcakes, which mom surprised me with. The kids played pin the banana on the monkeys head and ball toss through the monkeys hands. Everyone went home with goody bags.

Here are a few pictures from my dad's camera of the party. My camera is having some difficulties.

Honda VTX 1800

Also, know as RED or mama's bike. Husband purchased a new bike for the two of us to ride. I like to call it RED, because that way I don't have to know all the special things about it. The girls call it mama's bike because dad has an orange bike. The KTM is in the process of being sold.

This is the first trip with the both of us and another couple. We started early in the morning and the final stop Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. The first stop was in Payson for breakfast. The second stop was Bison Ranch. The third stop was in Showlow to put on the foul weather gear. From Showlow to Pinetop (about 15 miles) it poured down rain. The rain was a nice break from the hot temperatures.

We stayed at Mt. Haven inn (www.mountainhaveninn.com) in the garden room. It had 2 bedrooms, living area, full kitchen and one bath. It was a cute quaint place to spend the night.

The ride back to PHX start nice in the pines, then dropped to the desert. The hot was enormous as you entered into PHX. I think we may have to wait until November or December to ride again.

Sorry, the pictures are not the best. Our good camera is in the shop.

Pictures from WA trip

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home to the Desert!!!

Today is the day, we leave from WA to AZ. I think I will miss the nice cool weather. I did stop raining a week ago. There was even one day of 90 degrees, it was getting me ready to return home.

The trip was a great one!! My cousin and I have a great time just being around one other as friends, as mothers, and just women. The kids will deeply miss one another.

There will changes for my girls when they return home, dad painting a room and put in a set of bunk beds. So, the youngest is out of the crib and the older one will be sleeping up top. Hopefully, the transition will be smooth.

I will be posting pictures sometime this week. There are so many to choose from.

PS. Almost my 100th post.