Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I made it to A Muse rubber stamp store. I only spent $100. I purchased the pirate, pirate ship, treasure chest, and many other stamps and supplies.I had to save some money for the Paper Source, as well. I am eager to get home to start playing with my new toys.

This week I am all alone!! My cousin is camping with her whole family. It is very quiet here. Only one more week then back to the HEAT!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last week got really busy and I didn't finish my blog for the week. This week is just as busy. Oh, the highlight of last week was we took the girls and got their ears pierced. They all look at least 5 years older now.

My cousin took her husband to the airport at 4am, so we could have two cars. The same morning, Emily got sick and was up most of the night. It made for a long Sunday.

Monday the plan was to take a ferry. However, my cousin has been looking for couches and found one she wanted to look at. She week took 2 cars down to the Seattle area and purchased them. We load them in the van and truck and tied everything down and drove on home. We came home to more all the furniture around!!! It looks great!!!

Her parents came over to play with all the kids and decided to take them all to the park. We went to the park at the lake, after playing at the park we made our way to the lake. I was surprised to see that there were tons of people in bathing suits in the lake. I guess when the sun comes out....hahaha that doesn't happen much, everyone heads to the lake. The temperature was only 70 degrees. I knew what my kids were going to do. My youngest went in fully clothed and sat down in the water and started playing. The oldest just waded in the water, know if wet it would be cold.

Here is a preview for this week:

Tuesday: Head to a paper store, because I am having withdrawals from crafting. Nap my children in the afternoon. My cousin has a b-day party to attend in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Take the ferry. Pictures at Target of all the kids in matching dress my aunt made. The pictures as mostly for my grandparents, as these are the current 4 great-grandkids.

Thursday: Facials for my cousin and I, along with lunch. A girly party at her neighbors in the evening.

Friday: A trip back to Seattle to leave a car to the airport for cousin's husband, who arrives back from business really late. A trip to A Muse rubber stamps. This is my favorite day!!! I cannot wait. I have money burning a hole in my pocket.

I will try and write over the weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday we went to the gym as planned and enjoyed the Zumba class. That is pretty much it for Monday, because of the rain.

Tuesday the older kids went to music class while I stayed back with my napping child. When they got back the older children had naps and quiet time. In the afternoon, due to rain.....we took them to the local grocery store, with child care and we had coffee and walked the store. We were in need of some of our own quiet time.

Wednesday's plans are go to the gym in the morning and play it by ear for the afternoon. Oh, did I mention.....it's still raining.

Before I leave the Seattle area I will be going to A Muse Rubber Stamp store!!! I am sure there are many stamps I do not own yet.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yesterday was a very busy day. We attended church, went to a birthday party, had a BBQ and went to bed.

The birthday party was across the street and the theme was ponies. So, there were 2 real ponies in their backyard giving pony rides to the kids. Of course, my kids were the first ones on the ponies and enjoying every minute of it.

The BBQ was for my cousin's bible study group, which involved lots of kids. Both girls played very hard and was easy to bed.

Today the plan is to attend Zumba at the gym, come home for naps, play at the park. The whole park thing is based on it not raining.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yesterday, I attended a cardio kick boxing class. Yes, it kicked my butt!! Apparently, I am not in the shape I thought I was. This is only the beginning of my workouts with my cousin. We are registered for Susan G. Koman 5k race on June 21st. I am sure to finish, however, whether I run or walk is the question.

Today, it rained most of the morning, but cleared up this afternoon. It was a quiet morning for my kids. My cousin's kids had an overnighter at grandma's house. In the afternoon, we ran errands to purchase items for tomorrows BBQ.

Think sunshine for tomorrow for the BBQ.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Still raining and now windy. This is very weird weather for Seattle in June. Yesterday, we took the kids the Children's Museum in Everett. I could not believe just how big it is, 3 stories, comparing it to the little or should I say tiny children's museum in Mesa. The hard part is that my two kids went in different directions along with my cousins two kids, so the adults really got the work out. The roof has this huge play area, it was very wet, but not raining at the time. Check out the website: http://www.imaginecm.org/

Before dinner my cousin and I went for a 45 min. powerwalk around her neighborhood. Again very weird for me to be wearing sweats and sweatshirt in June for a walk in the afternoon. We had some misting raining, but didn't get soaked.

Today, we are planning on hitting the gym. It has been awhile since I have seen the inside of a gym. Wish me well.

Until next time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The girls and I are in the Seattle area for a month vacation. We are staying with my cousin and her 2 children. Since we have arrived it has rained most of everyday. That is a far change from the heat of AZ. There has only been one day good enough to play outside. You won't hear me complaining about the weather.

So far we haven't done anything too exciting, just getting into a schedule between naps and running errands. Maybe next week we will make it to the children's museum.

Until the next entry...have a great day!!!