Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday was National Donut Day and with our family tradition, we started our morning with donuts. The donut shop we visited was so busy, the line was out the door the entire time we ate our breakfast.

The next stop was the beach with my dad or otherwise known as Papa. The sun was trying to break through when we first arrived, then it finally made it through. The water temperature was a nice 62 degrees. I wasn't thinking it was the right temperature for me, however the girls could care less. They playing in the waves, collected sea shells and made sand castles. We spent about 3 hours there, included eating a packed lunch.

After a quick drive home, everyone took naps for awhile, including myself. After naps, the girls wanted to go for a swim at the pool. Again the temperature was not up to par for me, but I gave it my best try. I think another week or so the water temp will be tolerable.

The day was a success and quite the water day.

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