Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trip with the Cousins

My cousin and her two children traveled from Seattle, WA to San Diego. They were visiting our grandparents, whom they had not seen in a while. I in turn drove over to visit also, with my two childen. So you do the math, 4 children, ages 3, 3, 1, and 1. We had our hands full.

We did some sightseeing:

1. Children Beach, La Jolla This is where the seals have taken over the beach area and are very close for viewing.

2. Crystal Pier for a walk above the ocean.

3. San Diego Zoo

4. San Diego Tea and Coffee House, in Old Town San Diego

5. Ricky's restaurant, our family favorite breakfast place!! Apple pancake or a Dutch Treat are a must have!!
6. Local park

Fun was had by all!!

Joining the Ranks

I am a proud owner of my first "Minivan". YEAH!!! It is a white 2007 Dodge Caravan, with stow and go storage, two automatic sliding doors and best of all Sirus Radio. I am an official "soccer mom".

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vegas trip to EnduroCross

Each year the guys and I go to Vegas for the EnduroCross. It is by far the best racing around on two wheels and has replaced our annual trip to Supercross. Since I just got a new motorcycle I hatched the great idea of Mike and I riding our bikes to the race.

We left before the sun came up and made good time to Vegas so we could watch the Fri afternoon practice. Coming home we had breakfast in Laughlin then toured historic Oatman which is famous for the donkeys that just roam the streets. After that we stopped in Lake Havasu at "London Bridge", which is a bridge that was bought in London and then re-assembled stone by stone here in AZ.

Now we were running late so we had to hurry back to Mesa so we skipped lunch and rode straight to Phoenix just in time to get stuck in a freeway closure and routed thru the city streets. All in all it was fun and I got home just after dark, tired and needing a vacation.

Winter is Finally Here, Maybe

I didn't realize that it took until December 1st, before the temperature would drop below 70 degrees. The trees just started to change colors, they aren't ready to loose their leaves yet. It has been raining for 2 whole days. The weather forecaster stated there could be an upwards of 2 inches of rain. I had to laugh, as of the first of the year to current, we have only gotten 2 inches of rain. They may actually to correct.

Now that it is cooler, I can get into the holiday season. Maybe next week I will go purchase the Christmas tree from Home Depot. Yes, Home Depot, AZ doesn't have tree farm; in which, we could cut down the tree ourselves. But if one would like to decorate a cactus, we are the place to be.

I am sure many of you are feeling so sorry for me because it is finally below 70 degrees, when you are buried under snow.