Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 hours in the truck, with 2 amazing girls, we are finally here.

The plan was to go Los Angeles area to visit my in-laws and niece and nephew, then head out to Phoenix. Well, as soon as I arrived I realized I left my purse in San Diego. I had no licence, cash, credit cards, and no migraine medication. I had to borrow cash from father-in-law to put fuel in the truck to even get back to San Diego.

Back to San Diego, got my purse then off to Phoenix. As we were driving, e saw a hillside on fire just outside San Diego. They had the west bound lanes shut down and we were driving in the shoulder east bound. Pretty scary to see fire on the side of the freeway.

We stopped in the lovely Yuma, for a quick bit of dinner, then off to Phoenix.

I hope the girls sleep past 5:30am tomorrow.

P.S. The girls did have fun playing with their cousins, while in Los Angeles.

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