Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

"The only grounds for divorce is marriage"

My college roommate celebrates 9 year of marriage, to a wonderful man.

Since, she got married first we divided the house into things I could keep. She knew she would be having a few bridal showers and get wedding gifts, I got many household items. However, she somehow ended up with the waffle maker, which to this day won't own up to, but made good on it by purchasing one for me. I got a lot of the Tupperware, pots, pans, and even the kitchen table set.

There was no money to be divided. We didn't have anything between the two of us.

I got the cat, which was mine and the fact the cat hated her.

So, our 6 years of living together was broken up with marriage. I was and still am very happy for all the times we had together and the life she has with her husband. I cannot believe that is has been 9 years, it just seems like yesterday we were planning your wedding and planning the move.

Happy Anniversary and many more to come. As, I always say, "Forever is a long time!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Community Bike Ride

Jump on your bike and be a part of Tempe's original, leisurely community bike ride. The first 300 to register will receive free artist designed t-shirts and the first 100 received new helmets. Registration started at 7:00am and we were second in line. Dad and daughter would be participating in their first race. She was so excited with all the events but liked riding around with dad the best. She got her t-shirt and was fitted for her new helmet.

When it came to race time, she didn't want to wear her new shirt or her new helmet. She was by far the youngest rider in the event. Once the race started the other riders around her would ring their bells at her and she would ring hers back. The race was 15 miles long, but my team made it just to the end of the park entrance!!! GO TEAM!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First official haircut

Golfing with Uncle

Uncle has been in Alaska for some 9 months on business and just returned. His first trip was to Phoenix to visit his nieces. All daughter #1 wanted to do was play "PUTT PUTT GOLF" with uncle. Here are the pictures to show all the excitement.