Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Julian, CA

There was a horse rescue group giving rides for donations.  So, DD#2 couldn't wait to get a ride.  She opted to ride the pony bareback up the road and then continue to ride all the other horses.  DD#1 went on a couple rides, as well.  The best was it was my aunt's first horse ride ever.  She did great!!

Pine Hill Egg Ranch

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slaters 50/50

The girls and I joined a friend for dinner at Slaters 50/50 last night.  The 50/50 is 50% ground beef and 50% bacon.  The food was amazing! The company was quite pleasant as well!

Freeflight Birds, Del Mar, CA

Mission Bay

Some friends of mine from PHX rented a beach house with another couple in San Diego.  They invited the girls and I over so the the kids to play together and some adult interaction! So, between all of us there were 5 adults and 6 kids.  We were outnumbered by one, but not outsmarted....

We walked over to the Belmont Park roller coaster and the other rides. Unfortunately, the kids were not tall enough to go on the roller coater. We pulled all our money and purchased enough money for the kids to go on plenty of rides.

After the rides we got an extra large pizza from Lugi's.  I have never seen such a large pizza.  It fed all of us, with left overs. 

We stayed so late we were able to see fireworks from Sea World.  What a way to end the day!!  I have some amazing friends.

My Grandparents

I am so grateful to still have my grandparents!  I am also grateful that my girls get to spend quality time getting to know them and hearing stories of their childhood or just plain funny stories.  These are the times I will not forget. 

Happy Father's Day

The Cupcake Store, Santee, CA

This is a new store from last summer. The girls were so excited to try another cupcake store, since we watch cupcake wars and cupcake champion. They wanted to be the judges of this store. DD#1 got the Cookies-n-Cream mini cupcake, DD#2 got the Carrot Cake cupcake, Grandpa got the Carrot cake as well, and I got the Mint Chocolate cupcake. The girls overall rating was the cupcakes needed more frosting and toppings. I sure they would return.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Trails Neighborhood Eatery

After hiking Cowles Mtn. my dad, the girls and I heading over to The Trails for some lunch.  The girls and I first saw The Trials, on Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine.
As soon as we walked in the restaurant, DD #1 asked if Stacy (owner) was there the hostess said yes she was and would go get her once we were seated.  Sure enough once seated Stacy came out and we were star struck, the girls ran up to her and have her a huge hug. She was so nice and stood there talking to use for quite awhile answer the girls questions and talking about the show.  She said she was working on a new "fair recipe",  which was french toast with peanut butter and bananas inside, deep fried with chocolate and whipped cream on top.  I said I will have one of those, she said it is on the house and you will be the first customer to try it, let me know what you think.  We devoured it!! It was delicious!!
I had the 1/2 sandwich and salad, and the the sandwich was more along the lines of a full sandwich and full of flavor.  My dad had the 1/2 sandwich and soup, again all with lots of flavor.  DD#1 ordered a bowl or soup and fruit and ate all of it, DD#2 got a grilled cheese sandwich.   My dad loved it so much he went back later that week for breakfast with a friend. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cowles Mountain

Wednesday, June 13th.  The Hike.  This hike is almost a rite of passage. My dad has taken my brother and I on this hike as children and now it is my turn to pass on the torch.  It has been talked about to the girls, the cell towers have been pointed out at the top, and today was the day!

It would be myself, the girls and grandpa doing the hiking.  Everyone made it to the top of the mountain in one piece, no one fell off the trail, and no blood.  The girls did an amazing job!!  There was no complaining on the way up, there was some coming down, but that was to be expected. 

I would love to do the hike tomorrow, but the girls said no way, maybe next year.