Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wild Animal Park

Along with our annual San Diego Zoo pass, we get into the San Diego Safari Park, aka Wild Animal Park. It is located north of San Diego, in Escondido. I usually only take the girls there once, because it is a drive and usually pretty hot.

So, Monday I drove my Aunt and the girl up there. It was the perfect type of weather cloudy and cool in the morning and it warmed up to 90, as we left. To Phoenixians 90 is a nice cool day, hahaha.

The other interesting thing about the Wild Animal Park, there are so many HILLS. I was so sore from walking. The girls did great and so did my Aunt!!! As you can see below, there are not any real pictures of animals, because most of the animals are off in the distance. Plus, who wants to see animals when you can look at my girls instead? Just kidding.

So, no more Wild Animal Park this summer, but lots more Zoo!!!

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