Friday, June 10, 2011

Staying Put

The girls requested that we stay put for the day. So, we didn't leave the camping grounds. Papa rode his bike over to our RV spot and spent the day with us.

Since there are 7 man-made lakes, 4 playgrounds, swimming pools and a splash pad, there is no reason to leave the grounds at all. We all rode our bikes up to the boat rental area and rented a paddle boat for a 1/2 hour. As we made our way around the islands, the girls had a audience of ducks, as they were feeding them duck food.

After the boat ride, we rode the bikes over to one of the many playgrounds, for an adventure of rock climbing and swinging on the swings.

Once that was finished, we rode back to the RV only to get swim suits on to finish up with an hour of swimming at the pool.

I was joking with my dad, that he might be happy to go back to work only because of all the activity of being on vacation with the grandkids. I know he is enjoying every minute he is getting with them!!!!

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