Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit to My In-Law's

The girls and I left on Friday to drive up to Orange, CA. We went to visit my Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, niece and nephew and stayed the weekend. My in-laws were invite a party down the street at a neighbors house, which included a bounce house and pizza. All the kids enjoyed the entertainment and the adults enjoyed the conversations.

Saturday, my sil make amazing mickey mouse pancakes for the kids. My niece had a gymnastics class and we just hung out, at the house. Then it was off to the splash pad for some sun and fun. My bil picked up McDonald's for lunch for a great picnic lunch at the park.

Then, home for naps and mandatory quiet time. After naps straight to the pool for some more sun and fun.

Sunday, all the kids played together and we tried to get pictures of all four kids together. My mother-in-law requested an up close casual picture of all the kids. So, all weekend we had been trying to pose the kids and get them to smile. My sil is great behind the camera, but getting the kids to participate....she downloaded the pictures from the camera with 248 pictures, I thinks we got 2 good ones. We will let MOM be the judge.

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Auntie Candy said...

Great picture of Emily! I miss the girls and wish I could have stayed longer.