Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trip with the Cousins

My cousin and her two children traveled from Seattle, WA to San Diego. They were visiting our grandparents, whom they had not seen in a while. I in turn drove over to visit also, with my two childen. So you do the math, 4 children, ages 3, 3, 1, and 1. We had our hands full.

We did some sightseeing:

1. Children Beach, La Jolla This is where the seals have taken over the beach area and are very close for viewing.

2. Crystal Pier for a walk above the ocean.

3. San Diego Zoo

4. San Diego Tea and Coffee House, in Old Town San Diego

5. Ricky's restaurant, our family favorite breakfast place!! Apple pancake or a Dutch Treat are a must have!!
6. Local park

Fun was had by all!!

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Anonymous said...

Those are great pix of the kids! Wish I could have been there too. I cant wait till I get back to visit them. I need to hurry up are get some kids growing of my own. Well Tina & I are on the long term program with that factor I guess.

Love you all.