Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Vacation

The girls and I decided to take a break away from the desert heat. No better place to vacation... San Diego, CA!!! We were there a total of 5 weeks.

The first week we spent time with Great Grandparents, Grandpa and other family members.

The second week we vacation up the central valley of California. We visited friends and family in Lemoore, Stockton, Sacramento, and Madera. It was great reuniting with old friends and family. The girls had a blast going from place to place and meeting new people.

The third week was bittersweet. My grandma had an unfortunate fall, resulting in a broken hip. She had immediate surgery and had difficulty recovering. The same week was Emily's first birthday party. We had to celebrate without grandma.

Week four and five supporting grandma with her recovery when, at one point grandma stopped breathing and was put on life support. The family was informed and many family members flew in to be by her side. Grandma is quite a fighter, she was in ICU for only a couple of days and was transferred to another unit. We all took turns visiting Grandma and making sure Grandpa was doing OK. Grandma was released from the hospital and is currently in a rehab center. She is learning to walk and getting stronger everyday.

So, over all the summer was great. I was glad to be able to be there for my Grandparents and get away from the heat. I look forward to my summer vacation next year!!

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