Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friends from Phoenix

Our friends came down from Phoenix for a visit. They came Sunday night for dinner at our house. They were suppose to swim, but it rained so they kids played Wii instead.
Monday morning, the girls and I headed over to their hotel for a swim, then to Monkey Burger for lunch. They have some of the largest burgers around.
After lunch we headed out to Karchner Caverns for our tour at 2 pm. Our tour was delayed due to a thunder and lightening storm.  The tour guide uses a metal tram to take the guests up to the entrance of the cavern.  Once the storm had passed we were able to start our tour.  The guide explained the rules...the only rule that stuck out in my head was, "Don't touch anything, but the railing."  The reasoning behind it is if our hands touched the walls, it would cause bacteria to grow.  So, if the walls or anything was touched they would red tape it and someone would come in later to clean it later.  Between my girls and the my friend's kids, the adults had a wager whose kids would touch something first.  Lets just say my girls didn't touch a thing and I won. 

It was a great weekend with friends!!!

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