Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mission Bay

Some friends of mine from PHX rented a beach house with another couple in San Diego.  They invited the girls and I over so the the kids to play together and some adult interaction! So, between all of us there were 5 adults and 6 kids.  We were outnumbered by one, but not outsmarted....

We walked over to the Belmont Park roller coaster and the other rides. Unfortunately, the kids were not tall enough to go on the roller coater. We pulled all our money and purchased enough money for the kids to go on plenty of rides.

After the rides we got an extra large pizza from Lugi's.  I have never seen such a large pizza.  It fed all of us, with left overs. 

We stayed so late we were able to see fireworks from Sea World.  What a way to end the day!!  I have some amazing friends.

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