Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RIP Uncle Brian

My Uncle Brian passed away in February of cancer. What a loss to our family he was so young! He left behind my Aunt.

My brother and I drove from PHX to Sacramento for his celebration services in March. It was bittersweet. We spent quality time with my Aunt and other family, just not under the best of circumstances.

The day of the services, friends had a memorial golf tournament, with about 16 people there. There was 100% chance of rain that morning, the funny thing, it didn't rain until Sunday. I believe Brian had something to do with it!

This past summer the girls and I had stopped in and had a visit with my Aunt and Uncle and I so blessed to have that time with him.

Then, in October my brother, cousin, and both Uncles went to Palm Springs, to play a weekend of golf. This was the first time ever. Again, this was the last time my brother had with my Uncle.

Below are the last pictures I had taken with my uncles, as well as my brother. Then, the cousins had pictures were taken of all the cousin together at the services.

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