Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Girl's Spring Break

The girl's had a week off for spring break and DH took a week's vacation. He drove them to New Mexico to visit Cousin Candy. They stopped in Payson, AZ to play in the snow, then onto Gallup, MN to stay in a KOA Kozy Kabin. One night there, then onto Santa Fe, NM. They also stayed at a KOA Kozy Kabin.

Some may ask why not take the 5th wheel...I would be staying back in PHX to work and he would be taking the Corolla. So, he needed fast and cheap. With the price of gas and the speed of towing, he opted for the Corolla.

Cousin Candy AKA Auntie Candy would take the girls one afternoon and they rode scooters and just hung out. Then another day, they went to the Santa Fe Children's Museum.

They had great weather and driving condition!

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Auntie Candy said...

wish you could have come along, too. Thanks for sharing your family with me; it was the highlight of my time back in Santa Fe. The girls were wonderful! I really miss you.