Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have had migraines for 20+ years. Over the last few years, they have been getting more and more intense. The good news is I have responded very well to a low dose of Zomig, with the on-set of a migraine. However, I wanted to be more preventive. I decided to seek out what might be new and might work for my migraines,with my doctor. My doctor prescribed one month supply of a low dose of birth control and wow, I had the worst migraines EVER. I had 20+ migraines in one month, the ones that put you in bed all day, vomiting, and I just feel like I was going crazy. It felt like it took 2+ months to get the out of my system, because I had 10-15 migraines each month for the next few months. Then, the doctor referred me to a neurologist. I was hesitant to go to a neurologist, due to the fact, I didn't know if I had to do a MRI, if he would really believe that I had migraines and what I had do to get help. To my surprise, after 5 minutes of speaking with my the doctor said, "You have migraines and we don't have to do a MRI and we have lots of options." I was so AMAZED!! Why had it taken me this long to something about my migraines???? So, I have been on my new medication for almost 3 months, I have have about 4 migraines per month. The severity of the them has dropped significantly . The interesting thing, I have most of the side effects of the medication which include: tingling in my feet, any drink with carbonation tastes like it is flat and nasty, and loss of appetite. I will take any of these side effects to lower my amount of migraines I have per month. I will see over time what the new medicine will do.

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Glad the meds are working so well for you!