Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch in San Diego

I decided the girls and I would go to San Diego just for lunch. We left Saturday at 6:30am, stopped in Yuma, to pick up my brother, then off to San Diego.

We all stopped into my Godparents for about 45 minutes.

Lunch reservations at 2pm at DeMille's, with 10 family members.

After lunch, my brother and the girl's headed to Mission Beach, for some beach time. My dad and a couple of uncles and aunt went down as well, but the parking was horrible!! We were able to find a spot, but everyone else had to head home.

We headed back to Yuma at 6 pm, to spend the night. Got up the next day, hung out with my brother and headed back to Phoenix at noon.

Quite a weekend. I love seeing my family anytime.

My Godmother had these bowls made for my brother and I when we were my girl's age.

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