Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation is over

Over the past month we visited so many friends and family in Central and Northern California. Here is a quick review of the month.

1. Madera, CA One week with my girlfriend, of 20 years and her 5 children. She shipped the 3 other boys off to grandma's house, which left her daughter and youngest son. Everyone played and got along great. It was HOT. We spent most of the week in the pool! I stayed up late having great "girl" talk. I cannot wait for next year's visit.

2. Lemoore, CA A quick weekend with another girlfriend and her family. She is my crafting/rubber stamp/just plain fun friend that I have know all my life. She and her husband have an amazing family. Her youngest daughter and husband, brought over their beautiful daughter for a BBQ. Again staying up late to have great "girl" talk.

3. Sacramento, CA This was about a 10 day stop. We stayed at my old boss's/friend house with lots of freedom to come and go, which was perfect!

DD#2 4th birthday was held at a park with a big turn out. I had invited my friends with all their children. There were 10 kids and 20 adults. It was great seeing and visiting with everyone in one location.

Visited with cousins, on all sides of the family.

Got our first tour of the Jelly Belly Factory.

Tour of a walnut farm in Yuba City.

Lots of time in the pool.

What a great summer!!

Now, back to reality. I am gearing up for DD#1 to start Kindergarten, DD#2 to start Pre-K and for me to go back to work. It should be quite a year!!

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