Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls Weekend in San Francisco, CA

Myself and my 2 cousins decided we needed a girl's weekend! No kids and no husbands. We decided on San Francisco, I would fly from Phoenix, one cousin would fly from Seattle and the other cousin would drive from Sacramento. As for me trying to get out of PHX, was almost impossible. They shut down Sky Harbor. How many times have you heard of them shutting down our airport due to weather. I guess the 70+mph winds had a lot to do with it. I got to sit in the airport with many other travels for 5 hours.

My cousin had to wait at the San Fransisco airport for 2+ hours waiting for my plane to arrive. We were going to experience BART but considering it was cold and rain and dark, we hailed a cab to our hotel instead.

We stayed at the Hotel des Arts, in the Kelly Tunstall room. Each room or suite is painted by a different artist. I absolutely loved our room http://sfhoteldesarts.com/pr201kellytunstall.php.

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www.sockmonkeypress.com said...

I want a girls' weekend with you & Holly!!!!