Sunday, May 17, 2009

Date night with Grandpa

Daughter #1 got all dress up, with lip gloss on, perfume on, pursed filled with goodies and waiting for grandpa to pick her up. We went over all the rules for date night, say please and thank you, no talking with your mouth full and waiting your turn. Once grandpa arrived the booster seat was transferred to his car and off they went on their adventure.

Grandpa and dear daughter headed to the the Environmental Education Center , for their open house. They saw scorpions, spiders, participated in butterfly activities and observed the wild flowers outside. I am sure dear daughter learned a lot about desert surrondings.

The adventure would not be complete without a trip to McDonald's. Dear daughter had a happy meal with chicken nuggets, apples and soda. Grandpa had a hamburger, we think.

I think grandpa has set the standard pretty high with date nights in the future!!!!

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