Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

My cousin and husband and two children traveled from Seattle to Carmel, CA for her sister's wedding. From Carmel they traveled to Palm Desert, CA, where they own a time share. Being so close to us (4 hours away) I could not help myself and had to visit. Yes, I had just seen them days before at the wedding....but....

Daughter #1 and myself drove out to hang out, spend the night and drive home the next day. We all went the Living Desert Zoo and saw great up close animals and lots of cactus. http://www.livingdesert.org/

Then next day we played by the pool all day. It was a great way to get my base tan!

The funniest thing of all was the average temperature in Palm Desert was 75 and the average temperature in Seattle was 35 and snow. Have fun back in cold Seattle, cousins!!

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