Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boating at Grandma's House

Since the temperture in AZ today is 79 degress, she wanted to go boating. She got on her giraffe life jacket and asked grandma for some snacks for her trip. Grandma put together some peanut butter and crackers, "messy cheese" and a cup of milk, with a pink straw. I asked how long we were going to be gone for. Off we went on our big adventure. The trip lasted about 20 minutes, along the way she ate her snacks, drank for milk and attempted to steer the boat. Steering the boat has not been mastered, we ended up going in circles. She also attempted to pedel the boat, which put us going a snails pace. She was happy and it was quite enjoyable. Until the next boat ride, smooth sailing.

1 comment: said...

She's just so darn cute! I should have moved to Arizona. Maybe there's still time?